Ayumi Hamasaki Community

 Artist, lyricist, model, and actress


Ayumi Hamasaki Discography

Ayumi Hamasaki has released seventeen studio albums, five compilation albums, twenty-four remix albums, four live albums and numerous singles and promotional singles. She debuted in 1995 under Nippon Columbia with the stage name Ayumi, releasing an extended play Nothing from Nothing, which was a collaboration with Dohzi-T and DJ Bass. Three years later, Hamasaki debuted again as a singer under Avex Trax with the single “Poker Face” (1998). Her first album A Song for ×× (1999) debuted at number one on Oricon’s albums chart, and sold over 1.4 million copies.

Hamasaki is a prolifically remixed musician, having released 24 remix albums since her first in 1999, Ayu-mi-x. Several remix albums are released in series, such as Ayu-ro Mix, featuring Eurobeat remixes in collaboration with Super Eurobeat, and Ayu Trance in collaboration with Cyber Trance. She has also featured remix albums dedicated to acoustic and classical music, as well as non-stop remixes.


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